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Operatunity Foundation for the Arts


Going beyond the performance hall

Opera-tunity sponsored: 

A State-wide contest for K-12th grades on the student's perception and understanding of WWII and the Holocaust.

Visual Arts:  High School

Writing:  Middle School

Drawing/Painting:  Elementary School 

All entries must be received by January 2.  Please contact us for application form and more information.



Lecture with Murry Sidlin on the Arts in Terezin.  Recital Hall, USC  1:25-2:15


MUSC 455 (History of Western Music III: 1850-Present) 


In Spring 2012 semester, students enrolled in MUSC 455 (History of Western Music III: 1850 to the Present) will complete independent and collaborative projects that will engage with the music as well as various political, social, and cultural issues exemplified by the series of events scheduled for “A Week of Remembrance...A Celebration of Jewish Culture.”

Over the course of the semester the students in the class will explore various cultural and political resonances of Verdi’s Requiem in post-Risorgimento Italy, during WWII at Terezín, and in twenty-first century United States.  Additionally through the repertory of music that was labeled “degenerate music” (entartete Musik), students will examine the political and cultural forces that shaped the course of music history in Germany and the United States during and after WWII.

Students will be exposed to the material through in-class presentations and lectures, as well as the representatives from the Opera-tunity Foundation. Students will also be required to attend one or more events outside the class including musical performance, lectures, film showing, and art exhibition in order to complete their independent and collaborative projects.

The independent and collaborative projects will consist of concert reviews, in-class presentations, and/or on-line assignments (a course blog or a wiki).

For the students in Music History III (MUSC 455):
Lecture on the Defiant Requiem by Murry Sidlin Friday, April 13 Room 232, 9:05–9:55 a.m.

MUSC 455 will be taught by Kunio Hara

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